Ashley Aurora is young, fun, and ready to make waves. Citing Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears as inspirations, she blends the worlds of hype hip-hop flows and pop perfection to create her own sound, recording tracks she hopes listeners can relate to and be inspired by. From her church choir debut at the tender age of 2, to keeping herself busy as an only child with writing songs and making up dances in her bedroom, Ashley grew up with music on her mind and a microphone in hand. She has taken professional voice & dance lessons throughout her life, and now she is ready to hit the stage and entertain massively.

Since moving to LA in 2017, Ashley dove headfirst into the world of entertainment. She has made appearances in several commercials and music videos. She has enjoyed success in the fashion world, another field where she truly shines, working with various streetwear brands & boutiques in print, social media and runway campaigns. These skills along with impressive vocals and a unique tone have her poised to be the next triple threat of the industry. Ashley is already rubbing elbows with celebrities around Los Angeles and performing at private Hollywood Hills parties for A-list guests... and this is just the beginning. This young star has the complete package with her bubbly personality, raw talent, unique style and confident message drawing the attention of the crowd wherever she goes.

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